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Quick City Info News

Now Available: 250,000+ Lawyers, Attorneys & Legal Services across the U.S.A. - 11/12/2016

We are excited to announce that our local directory business listings now include Lawyers, Attorneys and other Legal Services in all cities in the United States. In total, there are over 250,000 listings from 16 main categories, with over 100 detailed classifications to help you find exactly what you need.

Our data is provided by GoLegalPro.com - Go Legal Pro also curates the listings with frequent updates, removals and additions to keep the data as up to date as possible.

Just select a state and city, then choose from the "Legal Services & Attorneys" menu to get started. We hope that you find our latest additions valuable in your local city searches!

Enjoy your summer & pamper yourself - 7/7/2016

It's summer time - a great time to take a break and take some well deserved leisure time. While you re-charge your batteries, you should take a look at some of the new business listings we've added to help you revive and rejuvenate before the summer is over. We've added new listings for Day Spas, Hair Salons, Tanning Salons and Barber Shops. If you're more interested in working on your physique, we've also added Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Weight Loss Experts, Yoga Classes, and even Tattoo Parlors for the adventurous. We hope our new listings help you enjoy your summer and find the right way to pamper yourself!

Time to change careers? Find out how much you can earn in every city, for any career! - 1/8/2015

It's a new year, so many people are considering changing jobs, or even careers. In either case, it's important to make sure you consider all of the facts about a job and where it is located. We have added salary data to our site for every city in the United States for over 800 careers to help you out. All you have to do is browse to a state and city, then while you are looking at information about that city, just be sure to click our "Salary Statistics" links for the career you are interested in. With our vast resources of local demographics combined with our new salary data, you are well on your way to making the right career and relocation decision!

Summer reading time - find a good book at your local library! - 5/1/2012

Summer time means school is out, and it's time to dust off your reading list and get started! Your local public library is a great place to pick up a book for free and enjoy at the pool or your shady spot of choice. Quick City Info now has city links to local public libraries for all U.S. cities. Just click a state below, then the city you want to find a library in and click "Public Libraries" to get started!

Tax Season is here! We can help you find a Tax Expert anywhere in the United States! - 2/10/2012

Get your taxes started by finding a specialist to help you prepare your taxes. Just click a state and then a city below, and choose "Tax Services" to find a tax expert near you!

Find local coffee shops - now available on Quick City Info! - 1/1/2012

Just in time for the cold winter months, we now provide coffee shop locations in our city information! For instance, if you are trying to find a coffee shop in Chicago, we can help with that! Find your favorite local brew or discover a new local coffee shop by clicking a state and city.

Hungry? We now provide local Restaurant data feeds! - 4/17/2009

Search and compare local restaurants with our new data feed from DinnerBot.com! Just choose a state, then a city, and click "Restaurants" to see what's near you!

Local pharmacies now available on our site! - 4/3/2009

If you need to find a pharmacy near you, we can help! Thanks to our newest data feed for pharmacies, all you have to do is click a state, then city, and choose "Pharmacies" - and you can view pharmacies near you!

Trying to sell your home? We can help you find a home appraiser with our newest data feed! - 12/17/2008

If you are trying to sell your home, we can help you find a home appraiser in your area. We have recently added Home Appraisers to our relocation listings! Once you see a home appraiser that is in your area, you can find out what other users say about that appraiser by viewing the comments written by other users. You can also determine the best home appraiser by how many votes others have cast for that appraiser by clicking the link to the appraiser to view their details. Just click a state, then city, then "Home Appraisers" - you will see all appraisers in your area, with the nearest ones at the top for your convenience.

Don't forget, we also have Real Estate Agents, Home Lenders, Movers, Home Inspectors, and other valuable relocation tools on our site to help you with your relocation!

Thanks for visiting the site, and best of luck in selling your home!

Traffic, Construction, and Road Conditions now available for select cities - 7/27/2008

What better way to save money on gas this summer than to drive smart? With gas prices in mind, we've added new data feeds to our site for monitoring traffic, road conditions, and construction for many cities in the United States. When scheduled construction, road closures, bridge repair, or lane closures are affecting your city, you can read about it here and plan to avoid these conditions. The data feed also includes car accidents, stalls, and most any hazardous road condition that wastes your gas, time and money.

Thanks for visiting the site, and we hope you save a bundle in your gas budget by driving smart and choosing your route carefully!

New Data Feeds for Plumbers, HVAC, and Landscapers - 7/1/2008

Considering the home improvement search trends we've seen in our web statistics, we've been working to get more useful data for this industry. With that in mind, we're happy to announce that we now dispay results from data feeds for Plumbers, HVAC / Heat & Air repair, and Landscapers. Just click your state, then city, and click the link for one of these categories. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

Buying a home? Find a Home Inspector here! - 5/16/2008

You can now find a local Home Inspector on our site! To begin you search for a home inspector, click a state from above, then select a city. As always, thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy our new data!

Teeth hurt? We can help you find a Dentist! - 3/1/2008

Quick City Info is excited to provide new data feeds for Dentists. To find a dentist, select a state from above, then choose a city, and look for new links on the right for Dentists. Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to finding more local resources for you to use!

Financial Advisors and Law Schools - find them here! - 10/26/2007

During October, we have added Financial Advisors and Law Schools to Quick City Info - just click a state, then select a city, and look for new links on the right for Financial Advisors or Law Schools. Thanks for visiting our site as we continue to add relocation resources to better serve you!

You can now find Surgeons, Sports Medicine, ENT & Geriatrics here! - 10/1/2007

To kick off October, we now provide contact info for Surgeons, Sports Medicine Specialists, Ear Nose & Throat Doctors, and Geriatric Doctors. Stay tuned in the months to come for some more exciting updates as we continue to grow!

More health and wellness resources at your fingertips! - 8/3/2007

Quick City Info now includes resources for finding Massage Therapists, Pediatricians, Pathologists, and Psychiatrists. Just choose a state, then click a city, and look for links to these new resources.